Monday, August 2, 2021

3 Reasons Your New Home Needs an Inspection

Minimum Code Inspections vs. AmeriSpec Home Inspections. 

Just because a newly built home looks flawless and fresh doesn’t mean there’s no chance problems aren’t lurking around corners and inside infrastructure, hiding from the untrained eye. That’s where AmeriSpec comes in.

Our inspectors reveal potential deficiencies in your home that are unsafe or can become costly. Seasoned by years of experience and countless successful inspections, we determine whether best practices were applied when your home is being built.

There are many reasons hiring an AmeriSpec expert to inspect your newly constructed home is a good idea. Scroll down and find out the top 3 that stand above the rest.


New Construction Home Inspections

Go beyond basic local code requirements. 

Assuming new construction homes don’t require professional inspections is a common misconception. In the past, new construction inspections have been solely handled by local code enforcement agencies. But as construction practices, materials and installation techniques have evolved over time, home inspection and safety experts now strongly urge new construction buyers and builders to partner with professional inspectors. 

AmeriSpec new construction inspectors can help uncover incorrect installations and safety concerns early on during the construction process and following construction completion. This results in what matters most, a better-built home.


Mold Inspections & Testing

The presence of mold in your home can impact your investment considerably. Even more importantly, unabated mold exposure over extended periods of time may result in serious adverse health effects. 

Partnering with a Home Solutions specialist to test for mold can help identify a mold issue before it gets out of hand, ultimately equipping you with the information you need to make informed investments and responsible residential decisions.