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Are you thinking about pursuing a career in home inspection? Home inspection is a fast-growing field which makes it a lucrative option for a career change or a new venture for those who have been out of the workforce.

However, this field requires a great deal of intricate knowledge about all types of homes. Experience with construction, electricity, plumbing, or another home-related industry will put you a step ahead, but there are still ways you can get your foot in the door if you lack related experience. Either way, our training program will help you become a Rock Star home inspector.

Home inspector requirements and qualifications vary by state. States set their own requirements for licensure, including whether or not you need to pass an exam or complete on-the-job training. Take a look at the list below to see how you can start preparing for a career in home inspection.

Steps to Become a Home Inspector

  1.  Look up the home inspector requirements for your state.   

    You should start by researching the requirements for home inspector licensing in your state. For instance, to be licensed in the state of Delaware you need 140 hours of education, 75 supervised home inspections, and to pass the national exam.

    InterNachi and ASHI are two of the best places that provide the requirement information for most states. Having a clear idea of what’s required will help you plan your tasks and create goals with deadlines. Once you know what you’ll need to accomplish, you can feel confident moving forward.

  2. Complete a home inspector training program.

    Training programs will give you the background knowledge you’ll need to successfully pursue your new career with us here at AmeriSpec. This knowledge will be a foundation for you to build from with future experience you will gain through our hands on training program.

    Here is a link to the InterNachi site that will get you started on your education:
    Use the training courses as an opportunity to learn new things and test your knowledge.

    In addition to these courses, we here at AmeriSpec have other secrets to teach you that will help you be the best Home Inspector you can be. There is no substitute for experience or caring, and you will find both of those here with our team.

  3. Pass your home inspection licensing exam.

    The state of Delaware requires that you pass the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE) as part of licensing process. You can register for this exam and set a date so that you have a clear deadline in place to build accountability, but before you do that, make sure to talk to us about this career opportunity. Your state may or may not require that you pass an exam to earn your home inspection license. If you do need to pass an exam, start preparing early.

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