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Some people assume that the builder is overseen by government officials and that the local town or city building inspector checks the house out. This is true to some degree, however, few if any municipal inspectors spend anywhere near enough time in the home to fully check it out. Further, there could be problems with the home that are not necessarily code violations, yet have serious consequences for the new home owner.

Phase 1: Framing/Sheathing prior to siding.

This includes a careful examination of the exterior framing system including proper installation of windows, doors and Tyvek.

Phase 2: Pre-drywall.

Includes a careful examination of the framing system, plumbing, electrical and heating system. We examine the major systems within the walls to make sure there are no potential problems that could arise prior to drywall installation.

Phase 3: Final Inspection.

Once construction is completed, we will perform a complete home inspection.

The 11 Month Inspection.

We will again perform a complete home inspection so that any problems that have arisen can be addressed with the builder before the builders 1 year warranty expires.

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