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Very informative


Professional and covered all aspects of the house.


Bob was very knowledgable, answered all our questions and was very thorough.

Duane Allen

Thoroughness, friendliness, knowledgeable and prompt.




Shawn was very professional, informative, thorough, and spoke in layman's terms.


The best service, Gerald is an amazing person to work with, very efficient! I learned a lot too! Thank You

Maria Calixto

I appreciate your professional and thorough inspectors. Shout out to Keith and Sean! Their customer service skills are unparalleled! I find comfort that you back your inspections with a 90 warranty and add value with your tracking site for clients!

Michelle (Chelle) Concha

best inspection and inspector, thanks

Johnny Orejuela

Shawn was great!


Timely, thorough, and competent.


Our inspector Sean Thomas was friendly, courteous, and very detail oriented. He explained the overall process and answered all of our questions. We would definitely recommend him!

Angie Jackson

The best around - thanks!

Dane Baich

Quick reports, thorough inspections, and patient inspectors!

Margot LaCombe

Our inspector was very personable and was very thorough


The initial greeting and outine of services to the customer was noticed and appreciated to set expectation to the home buyer. Reports layout and information is useable as intended with a property purchase negotiation. Onsight explanation of findings is important to clients.

Justin Campbell

Inspector was on time and did a very thorough job. He explained what he was doing each step of the way and provided immediate feedback.


quick, thorough, friendly


Very professional and thorough. The inspector explained everything to me, and also pointed out what should be taken care of immediately. Worth every penny, the inspection has given me a lot of info that if not for the inspection I might not find the problem till much later. And given time a minor problem can turn into a major problem. Thanks Phil Ferenc

Jeanine Ferenc

Easy to schedule. Fair prices for the buyer. Thorough reporting. Also, Dan does an amazing job of communicating his findings.

Teke Davidson

Shawn Thomas!


Inspector was polite and knowledgeable, very thorough Not sure you are going to ask this -- what I don't like -- too much fancy stuff -- I can't even find my inspection report. I can only find the summary. I just want the report, not all the bells and whistles


You received information about the inspection in s very timely manner. Also found the person doing the inspection to be respectful, kind, and professional.


It was easy to set up the appointment, the inspector was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and patient during the whole inspection. We got our inspection back in a very timely manner and the information on it will be helpful as we move into our first home!

Kimberly Gordon

Amerispec Home Inspection Service was very timely, thorough and professional in all aspects of their inspection. The inspector was very knowledgeable and helpful and easy to speak with. Their report was comprehensive, readable and prompt! We really appreciated the unbiased, factual and informational aspects of the report, and how the results were organized and presented. We are finding this service to be very helpful and useful and can't imagine how we could have made such a large and critical financial decision without this important resource. The cost of this service is very fair and reasonable especially given the quality and usefulness of the work & results received from Amerispec! Appreciatively, Dennis and Christine Cook

Dennis Cook

Dan was very thorough. I walked through the house with him. He explained everything as we went. Told me how often the filter for this particular furnace should be changed. What temperature the water heater should be set at among other things. These are not problems for the seller to fix, just for me to be aware of to maintain the house most efficiently. No stone unturned. I am very impressed, and I would definitely recommend this company for a home inspection.

Edward Husbands

Brett, our inspector was extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions. He was very thorough and showed us of all the advantageous that came with hiring Amerispec. So glad we hired Amerispec, beside the thorough inspection, he suggested services we didn’t even think about existed thru Amerispec. My next home I buy, they will be a must call.


Very friendly and informative




Excellent service!


Very thorough and professional. Took the time to explain all of the procedures.


Friendly and informative

Susie Barton

Timely response


Larry Gibson was awesome. Very friendly and really knew his stuff. I felt confident he would find anything that could possibly be a hazard. I will definitely recommend Amerispec to my friends and family.

Ryan Carter

Bob was great. Very knowledgeable and easy to interact with!

Sean Adkins

Thorough, prompt, efficient and always available for follow-up.


Timely and professional


Always on time and well done


Responsiveness of co. to schedule appts. Availability of appts on weekend. Professional manner of home inspector.

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